Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What do you write on?

Do you prefer papyrus? Maybe banana leaves are more your style. Ok, so I may be a century or two off. Let's fast forward into the world of technology. Most people these days own a desk top computer. Mac or PC, that's all on you. I personally have a PC, but my husband wants to get a Mac next. I'm down with that, Justin Long is cuter than that other guy after all. Hey, maybe we're even related! Back to the subject....Do you write on your desk top? Or do you have a laptop that you've nicknamed Typo? I do most of my writing on my desk top. I'm used to the keyboard and I know how it works, but it's a bit hard to bring outside when the kids want me to watch them build their sand castles. A couple years ago, my husband got an iPad from work. Instead of giving into my begging and pleading and not so subtle hints for a laptop, he got me a keyboard for the iPad instead and saved us at least $200. Thanks to Dropbox and an app called CloudOn, I'm able to jump back and forth from my desktop to the iPad. The only problem is my new keyboard is a bit touchy and I end up double typing letters. A lot. I'm trying to get used to it, but may just spend $20 on a new keyboard. So, what do you write on?


Melissa said...

Welcome to IWSG. I love your blog title. :)

I use a laptop most of the time, but I sometimes do things on the old desktop ('Typo' LOL). I wish I could take the laptop outside, but I can't see anything on the screen, even if I'm in the shade. (I've ventured onto the porch a couple times at night and been able to see.)

I have been known on slow nights at work to write a scene and email it to myself. (Web-based email is good for that. :P) I just copy and paste it into my WIP when I get home. But shh - don't tell my boss. hahaha

I keep hearing about Dropbox and CloudOn, but so far, I haven't needed them.

IWSG #178 (...until Alex culls the list again. :P)

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