Friday, August 31, 2012

Music...Makes the people...Come together...

Friday, Friday, gotta get down cause it's Friday. Ha, now you have that song stuck in your head! My favorite cover artist for that particular song is my four year old. :) She only knows the chourus, but it's so dang cute! Anyway, music on the brain. Obviously. Most the time I'm okay to write with whatever noise is blaring, honking, or squeaking in the background. As long as someone isn't talking to me, I'm good. Shut up, shut up, don't want to hear it! Every so often though, my characters aren't quite sure what to do, and I need some music to put them in the right mood. Notice I said my characters and not me? It's totally their fault. For example, the other day I was writing a scene in which my MC was out with a hot guy, but their dialogue just wasn't working. They were both being kind of quiet and boring. I wanted sexy and mysterious. So, I put on Haunted by Evanescence. Boom! Sexy and mysterious dialogue and it just escalated from there. You're unbelievable! What do you do when your characters aren't quite cooperating? Bonus points to whoever can name the artist for each of the songs I've quoted!


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