Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun Friday #1

I often received inspiration from my family that I think, " can I work this into writing/reading?". In honor of them, I've decided to start Fun Fridays. It will be exactly what it says: 'fun' and on 'Fridays'.

This first post is thanks to my baby sister, Laura.
Like me, she's addicted to reading. While reading a paranormal book that involved a girl finding out that her boyfriend was a werewolf, she scoffed at the girl's reaction and said:
"If I found out my boyfriend was a werewolf, my first thought would be, 'Crap! How many times have they smelled or heard my silent farts? Or heard my belly gurgle while I'm digesting?'."
Yes, guys, she is single. And 19, so she's legal. If you're interested, leave an email in the comments and I'll send you her number. ;)
So, for my first Fun Friday, here's your question:
What would your first reaction be if you found out your boyfriend/girlfriend was a werewolf?
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