Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dealing with 'Writer's Block'

As I struggled to decide what I should post about, I had a brilliant idea of writing about what to do when you can’t write! All of us at some point or another have frozen with our fingers curled over the keyboard, twitching this way and that, trying to decide which combination of letters, numbers, and/or punctuation to punch in. The common term for this is ‘writer’s block’. For some it can last minutes, others days, weeks, months, etc. I decided to hit the dictionary to see what the how writer’s block is described. Here’s what I found:

writer’s block
Definition of WRITER’S BLOCK
: a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece
First Known Use of WRITER’S BLOCK
So, pretty much it’s all in our heads. It’s like there’s some evil witch in our head that closes the door to the world that is trying to make its way out of us. It’s the evil witch that locks Rapunzel up in the tower and refuses to let us rescue her. Why does this happen? What are we to do?
Sometimes I lose perspective on a story if I’m concentrating on it too much. I need to step back and take a break. I need to let the evil witch let her guard down while I get juiced up and can break through her wall of thorns surrounding the castle.
Other times, the evil witch will drop you on the outside of a maze with the castle in the middle. Your story starts flowing as you go through the twists and turns. Then you face plant into a dead in. Do you give up? Heck no! You go back and see where you/your story took a wrong turn and try a different approach.
You keep going and going, until you get to the end and save Rapunzel. Or, in my case, some super sexy guy with a few tattoos that was only kept from me because of… Whoa, sorry. Got caught up in the moment there. You get the point. Don’t let writer’s block kick your butt, kick back and eventually you’ll get through.
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T. Drecker said...

Writer's block is evil. Period. Usually, I take it as a 'get back to life' sign and get out of the house for a few hours. But you're right, never let it take the upper-hand ;)

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