Thursday, November 17, 2011

Siri, what's my word count look like?

Ok, so I don't have the newest version of the iPhone, but my husband has shown me enough clips of what it can do to last me until he gets his own and can show me in person. How awesome would it be though, if we could ask our phone and get an answer? For all I know maybe you can and I'm just out of the loop. For all of you like me, here are a couple awesome links to keeping track of your word count and staying within your timeline. (If you have one) Here's a word counter widget from Svenja Liv, I use this on my blog. Then here's a link to full scale tracker to keep track of, well, everything. It has word count, progress chart, a sample query you can fill out, character list, plot sheet. This thing is awesome! Hope it helps you as much as it helps me! Did I mention there's a bunch of designs to choose from?


Peggy Eddleman said...

Those links are awesome! Thanks for sharing! And I absolutely love your blog. And I'm so excited you're writing!

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