Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IWSG: Happy New Year!

Hello all my fellow insecure writers! Who's ready for this new year? New deadlines, new stories, new heartbreaks, new loves. I'm hoping to begin the next step in my writer's journey this year. Querying. The goal is to write The End by Jan 31. Then it's onto editing. I've looked around at a few different agents and publishers and I'm already overwhelmed. So, I'm turning to my fellow writers. What are your favorite sites for looking up different agents? How many agents do you send to at a time? How do you deal with all the waiting?! To end this post on a happy note, I've decided to title my novel Ripple. What do you guys think? A brief synopsis can be found under my WIP's page.


T. Drecker said...

I love the title! As for agent hunting, my favorite two are Query Tracker and Literary Rambles, but these are only first stepping stones. Good luck!

prerna pickett said...

I also love Literary Rambles! As for the waiting part... well, I suggest working on another project while your querying. And I love your title. Good luck!

Carrie Butler said...

Happy New Year, Diana! I'd start with a small batch (no more than ten). Work on another project until you see how those early queries are received, and then go from there. :)

Helpful links:

Jamie Gibbs said...

Keep writing :) If you're feeling anxious while you wait, just keep on writing if you've more ideas in your head. It'll distract you while you wait :)

Jamie Gibbs
IWSG co-host
Mithril Wisdom

Barbara Watson said...

Literary Rambles (as others have said) is a great starting point in the search for an agent. The best to you!

Ciara said...

I'm not looking for an agent at this time, but honestly I'd ask around. Get personal recommendations.

Kelley Lynn said...

Oh, have I been here. Haha. To deal with the waiting: KEEP WRITING. That way, as the rejections role in (Because there are going to be rejections unfortunately) you can be like, "No matter, the one I'm writing NOW is awesome too" :)

I'd also go here:

And literary rambles is an amazing site too.

Good luck!

randi lee said...

Great title! And I agree--keep yourself going during the query process. :)

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